How Coffee Affects Your Skin Health

Have you ever thought whether the coffee you take daily can have any effects to your skin? Studies have shown that many people may not be able to function in the right way without taking some coffee in the morning. Coffee has several benefits to the body, but it is also good to know that too much of it can have negative effects to the body too. One of the body organs that can be affected by coffee is the skin. This article offers some of the ways that your skin health can be affected by coffee.

Cause dehydration and brittleness to your skin

Tannin refers to a chemical that is found in tea and coffee. In the commercial field, tannin is applied in tanneries in leather processing to make it shiny and soft. This is a great sign that you should not drink it. In the body, tannin blocks the pores of the cells, thus preventing the cells from getting the right nutrients offered by different foods. Other effects of tannin that make it to be used for leather is that it has hydration properties. Thus, taking coffee can lead to hydration of your skin and make it brittle with time.

Caffeine found in coffee when taken in excess amount has diuretic effects leading to dehydration of the body. The diuretic effects can make you to urinate excessively making your body and the skin to dry up. Despite that taking just a few cups may not cause severe dehydration, if you take four to seven cups daily, it will be problematic and within time your skin may be dehydrated.

Development of liver spots

Liver spots is one of the major problems found especially in older people. These spots result from high amount of toxicity and congestion of such toxins in the liver. The liver has the main duty of filtering and purifying the blood to allow the body cells to get the right amount of nutrients and oxygen. If you use coffee for a very long time, it may block your liver with toxins, thus hindering it from doing the blood purification. The impure blood the affects the cells in the body such as the skin cells leading to the development of the liver spots as you grow old.

Acne development

Studies have shown that caffeine may not cause acne on your skin, but if you have it, taking coffee will make them worse. The side effects that coffee cause to the liver can lead to development of acne because the liver will not be able to purify the blood. This will lead to tainted skin cells which will then lead to development of acne.

Bottom line

It is good to note that coffee is beneficial for your body, so you should not stop drinking it because of the above negative effects. The most important thing is to ensure that you use it in the right amount just like you take other drinks to avoid such effects on your skin health. However, if you note some side effects seek medical advice or stop drinking it.